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Welcome to Kam Woods' site.

I'm currently a Research Scientist at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My research interests include long-term digital preservation, applications of machine learning and digital forensics tools and techniques to archival and preservation data management, and private and sensitive data identification and redaction. Read my full bio here.

Research and Projects

A complete list of research and projects is on my Research page. Recent work linked below.



Presentations and Events

Visit my complete Presentations page. A selection of recent events and presentations are shown below.


  • General Review of Project Updates. RATOM August Update. August 6, 2020. Slides
  • Demo and Software Development Updates. RATOM Advisory Board Meeting Update. July 23, 2020. Slides
  • New Tools and Techniques to Analyze and Manage Email in Archives. RATOM OPFCON Lightning Talk. June 9, 2020. Slides
  • RATOM (Review, Appraisal, and Triage of Mail) Project Overview. CNI 2020 Virtual Meeting presentation. April 2, 2020. Slides YouTube
  • Review, Appraisal, and Triage of Mail Project. COPPUL (Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries) Webinar. March 31, 2020. Slides


  • Tackling Archival Email with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. NDSA Digital Preservation, 2019. Slides
  • Review, Appraisal, and Triage of Mail (RATOM). November 13, 2019. Overview and recording link
  • NLP and Machine Learning for Born-Digital Materials Part 2 (Collections Containing Email). Learn@DLF 2019. October 23, 2019. Slides


  • BitCurator NLP: Mining Collections for NEs, Relationships, and Topics to Enrich Access. BitCurator User Forum 2018. September 14, 2018. (Slides on request)


  • BitCurator NLP - Mining Collections for NEs, Relationships, and Topics to Enrich Access. nlp4arc. February 23, 2017. (Slides).
  • Introduction to BitCurator Access Webtools. OPF Webinar Series. January 23, 2017. (Presentation recording (OPF members))

Interviews, Live Events, and Webcasts

  • Interview for Nature article "Digital forensics: from the crime lab to the library" Nature link
  • Interview for The Signal (Library of Congress Digital Preservation Blog) The Signal link
  • BitCurator Access talk at CurateGEAR 2015 YouTube link
  • BitCurator Promo for UNC School of Information and Library Science YouTube link
  • Personal Digital Archiving 2011: Forensics, Privacy, and Archiving Presentation Link


Visit my complete Publications page. A selection of recent conference, journal, and other publications can be found below.

The documents distributed here are self-archived as a means to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work on a noncommercial basis. Copyright and all rights therein are maintained by the publishers and/or the authors, notwithstanding that they have offered their works here electronically. Versions provided here may be draft preprints of published papers; the published versions should be considered definitive. See also my ResearchGate profile, Google Scholar profile, DBLP, CiteSeer, and ACM author listing.

Conference and Journal Papers
  • Kam Woods, Christopher Lee, Oleg Stobbe, Thomas Liebetraut and Klaus Rechert. 2015.

[// Funct ional Access to Forensic Disk Images in a Web Service]. In Proceedings of the 12th Int ernational Conference on Digital Curation (191-195). Chapel Hill, NC: University of No rth Carolina, School of Information and Library Science.

  • Kam Woods and Christopher A. Lee. 2015. [//

15-Preprint.pdf Redacting Private and Sensitive Information in Born-Digital Collection s]. In Proceedings of the Archiving 2015. Society for Imaging Science and Technolo gy.

  • Woods, Kam, Christopher Lee, and Sunitha Misra. [//

eMisra-Arch2013-Preprint.pdf Automated Analysis and Visualization of Disk Images and F ile Systems for Preservation.] In Proceedings of Archiving 2013 (Springfield, VA: Society for Imaging Science and Technology, 2013), 239-244.

White Papers and Technical Publications


Courses taught as instructor and/or co-instructor at UNC SILS.

  • Spring 2017 - INLS 561 - Digital Forensics for Curation of Digital Collections
  • Spring 2014 - INLS 465 - IT for Digital Collections
  • Fall 2013 - INLS 690 - Digital Forensics for Archives (with Cal Lee)
  • Spring 2011 - INLS 465 - Information Technology for Digital Collections (with Cal Lee)
  • Spring 2011 - INLS 525 - Electronic Records Management (with Cal Lee)

You can also see a complete list of courses I have taught.

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